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Should I buy an iPhone or a Samsung?


Why should I buy an iPhone or Android and why?

A question that arises frequently among users, and people are divided between supporters and opponents, each according to the operating system that he uses, but in this article I will be neutral in talking about the two systems, and what is the final decision that I made after an experience that lasted for more than 4 years for both systems; Follow the explanation.

The difference between iPhone and Samsung

I had told you in a separate article about the difference between the iPhone and Android in general, and I talked about some of the main differences between the two systems, but in this article we will talk about the matter in detail, and I will tell you all the details that you want to know, starting from the shape and ending with the quality of the manufactured parts.

In talking about the shape and its development in the two phones, we find that the development and the difference in the shape was noticeable in the last five years, but it is not that development that is considered a qualitative leap or a radical change. There is no doubt that modern phones have changed their shape and become more beautiful, but they have kept the same The design is roughly, with the edges removed once and left again.

Also, what most governed the shape and design of the phone that was launched was the size of the screen and cameras, other than that, the design was the same between the two phones, and this picture shows you what I mean in this regard, as it is possible to compare the change that occurred in the two phones since the first release to this day.

And if you do a survey about the preference of the shape among users, you will find that a very large number of people do not like the shape and design of the iPhone, on the other hand, you will find that iPhone users do not like it. other phones.

iPhone and Samsung

Therefore, the issue of liking the shape or not is a relative issue, and it differs from one person to another. For my part, I prefer the shape of iPhone phones more than Samsung, but in general, we cannot give preference to any type at the expense of the other; Thus, here is a point for Samsung and a point for iPhone.

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The difference between iPhone and Samsung operating system

It is known that the IOS system is unique to a completely different operating system from Samsung, which runs on the Android system, as is the case with all phones other than Apple phones.

But did you know that there are 4 different systems for Android phones? Yes, you can find the Samsung One UI system, the Google pixel UI system, the Huawei EMUI system, in addition to the independent interface systems that are designed by independent developers such as the lineage OS, while there is only one system for IOS.

In this case, preference is for Android due to the presence of more than one design and interface option that benefits the user and breaks his boredom, and thus we give a point to Android and zero to iPhone.

Quality of workmanship and parts used

First of all, did you know that more than 90% of iPhone parts are not manufactured by Apple? And if I wanted to mention to you where each piece was manufactured, I need a separate article; You will find that the iPhone screens are manufactured by Samsung, the cameras are manufactured by Qualcomm, and the Touch ID is manufactured by either TSMC or Xintec; And many other iPhone parts that are manufactured outside Apple.

Generally; Regardless of the place of manufacture because it is not considered a major focus of the evaluation, however, we must be fair in that the materials from which iPhone phones are made are better than Android in general; This is also reflected in the price, also the processors that iPhone phones are manufactured with are much superior to Samsung phones or any other Android phone, and thus here is a point for the iPhone against zero for Android.

Is Samsung battery better than iPhone?

Here, there is no place to compare the durability of iPhone batteries with any Android phone of any kind, as iPhone batteries are one of the most common problems that Apple users suffer from, so you find them always looking for ways to maintain their iPhone battery, and also the purely commercial reason from “my point of view” In adding a battery health option to iPhone phones; Which has become closer to an obsession affecting all iPhone users.

You find them always watching with “sighs” the decline in the health of the iPhone mobile phones’ battery and searching for its causes. Although I do not know why, and the evaluation of the price of the phone has become dependent on the health of the battery to a large extent, while Samsung or Huawei phones or any other Android phone, they last for more than 3 times the time that iPhone phones work; Thus, it will be a point for Android phones and zero for iPhone phones.

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The difference between protection and privacy between iPhone and Android

In the beginning, you should know that there is no such thing as a 100% secure phone or operating system, as every operating system gets a security hole from time to time, so you find developers always keeping security-related updates, whether in Android phones or iPhones.

But in terms of privacy, iPhone phones are superior to Android in that they do not allow companies to track you and collect your data, unlike the Android system, which is an open source system, and allows anyone to modify it, and in this case we give a point to iPhone and zero to Android.

But be aware that there is a big difference between the privacy that the operating system gives you, and the privacy used by all the applications that you download on your phone, especially social networking applications; Because I encountered a large number of people who think that since he has an iPhone, no application will be able to penetrate his privacy; This is wrong.

Applications used on both phones

There is no point in buying your smartphone without using applications on it, so you are forced to download necessary applications for each user, but the difference between iPhone, Samsung or Android is that there are a large number of applications that you need to find paid on the Apple App Store, while they are completely free on Google Play Store.

Therefore, you are forced to pay an additional amount for downloading these applications; Here, I do not mean regular applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp, but there are other applications that a large number of users need, you can find them paid here, and free there; So we give

The difference in ease of use between iPhone and Android

Also, this topic is relative, but it is for people who have used the two systems, some of them found that the IOS system is much easier than Android, and vice versa, but in general the Android system is much easier in terms of use, and works in a better way, and helps you access settings or arrange files properly Easier than an iPhone.

Of course, this is not only my opinion, but I asked a large number of people who use iPhone and Android, and also based on my experience for more than 3 years, I tell you that the Android system is much easier than the iPhone, and it does not require experience; In this case, we also give a point to Android and zero to iPhone.

The difference between the warranty (warranty) of the iPhone and Samsung

With regard to the issue of warranty, both companies offer a 100% real and effective guarantee. Also, all Android companies provide these guarantees and are considered strong and real guarantees, such as the Huawei warranty, for example, and thus we give a point for the iPhone and a point for the Android.

Price comparison between the two systems

The prices of iPhone phones are much higher than Android phones, but this is normal compared to the quality of manufacturing between the two systems, but also did you know that you, as a user, pay the price of manufacturing parts for companies that manufacture iPhone parts? Yes, do not be surprised at that; You pay $130 to Samsung for every iPhone you buy for the price of the screen.

And the same for cameras, touch factors, sensors, and many other pieces, and based on the large price difference between the two phones, we give a point to Android and zero to iPhone.