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10 important iPhone settings


Whether you are a new user of the iPhone, or you already have an iPhone and have been using it for a while, the truth is that iPhone devices do not need a lot of settings adjustment in order to be ready to work, but the standard settings for iPhone devices are not enough to get the best performance, you have to change some of those settings, Here are the most important ones in the following lines.

Battery settings

Battery settings save battery charge for as long as possible, making your phone work all day, and the most important of these settings are related to programs running in the background, and email settings.

By accessing the menu, you will have to cancel the background app update feature for most of the apps installed on your phone, because the update process for many programs consumes a large amount of battery power. However, this procedure is not very useful in all applications, as you will find with time and continuous use that you will return this feature to some programs and applications.

As for e-mail, the phone automatically updates the inbox at frequent intervals, which is also a procedure that consumes a lot of battery power, and you can modify this feature by pulling the application down to control the mail settings, and set the mail update time at slightly longer periods such as 15 Minutes between each update and the next.

Mute anonymous calls

It is a feature that was added starting from version 13 of the iOS operating system. Many times, phone calls are received from unknown numbers, which are not among the stored numbers, messages, or email list, and these communications are usually by advertising companies that use automated communications. The silent dialing feature diverts those calls to voicemail without the phone making a natural ring.

Activate emergency features

In cases of emergency and danger, it is always preferable to activate these features. Store a number of health contacts, and then activate the emergency features from the settings screen. This feature will enable you to send a traceable distress message to the emergency police, by pressing the side button for five clicks Sequential, on the other hand, individuals who are present by chance at the time of the emergency situation that you are exposed to, will be able to view the health contacts that you have previously stored without the need to unlock the phone and unwanted access to the rest of the phone’s contents.

Enable the two-factor authentication feature

The second authentication is one of the security measures used in the Apple operating system, which includes two procedures for access to phone data, and this method prevents attempts to enter the phone by intruders or unwanted people, and it requires the presence of another device that can be used to enter the account data In the iPhone and close it, and this feature is activated through the settings screen, then choosing the password and security from the list.

Increase passcode effectiveness

The strength and ability of the security factor in the iPhone depends on how strong your passcode is, when you buy a new iPhone, a simple default passcode consisting of 4 digits is required, but you immediately choose a more complex passcode using letters and numbers, so that the passcode consists of 6 boxes, and protect your device with a strong password by going to Settings then Touch or Face ID & Passcode.

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Activate the undo feature by shaking

One of the nice features of the iPhone operating system that has recently become a source of annoyance for many, and this feature involves the ability to undo the writing of certain text by shaking the device. Despite the ease of this method, starting with version 13 of the iPhone operating system, there is an alternative, which is to scroll three weeks on the screen forward or backward to undo writing, and this feature can be canceled through the settings control screen, and choosing the Accessibility command.

iPhone permissions

There are a lot of applications that want to access your data. And while some of them have good reasons for retaining access to it, that doesn’t mean you have to go over every app on your iPhone that’s collecting your data. So you must check it out.

Apps that request permission to access the microphone or camera, or that require the use of features such as Bluetooth, should be checked from time to time. This is done through Settings, then the Privacy screen on the phone.

Disable screen lock

Using some of the phone’s features while the screen is locked may be convenient and fun, but it involves some risk in terms of the security factor, so it is required to identify those features and characteristics and reduce them to a minimum. Among the most prominent of these features is the ability to access the notification center and use the electronic wallet when the device is locked, and to protect your data and your iPhone, you need to disable access to both Siri and USB accessories to prevent any attempt to establish a connection to your device while the screen is locked.

Modify screen settings

Among the most important settings that are recommended to be adjusted is the brightness of the screen, as increasing the brightness hurts the eyes on the one hand, in addition to consuming battery power at a greater rate.

Also, the True Tone feature can be activated, as it automatically adjusts the screen clarity and brightness, as it uses advanced sensors to adjust the color and density of the screen to match the ambient light. You can activate and try this feature.

It is also preferable to activate the Night Shift feature, which saves energy to a large extent, and adjust the screen lock timer to a realistic and acceptable time.

Enable the automatic update feature

Apple devices update themselves all the time, trying to provide the best performance for the device, and although users may be annoyed by the continuous updates of the system, these updates may be required and necessary at times, so it is always recommended to activate the automatic update option.