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The Best PC Start From 650$ Work with all gaming


Through our website, we present to you the best complete collection for a computer that is suitable for doing the impossible, live, games, programs

One of the most requested assemblies at the present time, which will enable you to get what you want in terms of performance and price at the same time. So let’s not waste any more time and get to work on our compilation.

This compilation that we have today can run many games at the present time without any problem, and it can deal with montage programs, Photoshop, and video editing as well, if you want, and you can use it to make a live broadcast without interruption.

Gaming Bundle with a Graphics Card in 2023

  • CPU: Core i3 12100F.
  • Video Card: ASUS TUF GTX 1660 Super.
  • RAM: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 16GB 3200Mhz.
  • Storage: 500GB Kingston NV1 SSD.
  • Motherboard: ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4.
  • Case and Power Supply Combo: Antec NX291 4Fan Black Gaming Case with Antec Atom V550 Power Supply.

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Core i3 12100F central processor

This time we will go to the Core i3 12100F central processor, which comes without an integrated graphics processor. In fact, it is one of the best processors in this category in terms of performance with games, montages, etc., although it only comes with 4 cores, which some may think are currently few.

This processor comes with the new standard cooler from the company, which comes with a fairly good new design, but at the same time it is not very flashy. Its cooling performance is also good for the aforementioned processor.

Core i3 12100F
Core i3 12100FUS130$
Core i3 12100FEmirates420 dirhams
Core i3 12100FEgypt4100 EGP

Graphics Card: GTX 1660 Super

The second component of our assembly today, which is actually the focus of the assembly, is the graphics card or graphics card (or whatever name you want). We had three cards to choose from such as the RX 6500, GTX 1660 Super, and RTX 3050.

We then compared the characteristics and prices, to exclude the AMD card, which comes at a higher price and slightly lower specifications in terms of features such as the absence of an encoder, which will benefit you to stream or broadcast with the card. It also comes with only 4GB of graphic memory.

After that, we made another quick comparison between the GTX 1660 Super and the RTX 3050, to settle on the last generation 1660 card because it offers better performance and a better price as well, and it also comes with 6 GB of graphic memory.

GTX 1660 Super

Perhaps the only difference between the two cards is the support for DLSS technology for the higher RTX 3050 card, and it also supports ray tracing, and these two technologies, unfortunately, you will not find in the GTX 1660S card.

This means that you must choose which is best for you, the 1660 card and save two or three thousand pounds, or the RTX 3050 card and get the latest features that may benefit you in some games, but not all. But for us, we chose the cheaper 1660S, after all we’re talking about a budget card and combo.

The version we chose is the ASUS TUF version, which is a good version in terms of price and quality of components. In order not to tire yourself with the search, the selection process was only by purchasing what was available and not for other reasons, so choose what you find in front of you.

ASUS TUF GTX 1660 SuperUS320$
ASUS TUF GTX 1660 SuperEmirates1400 dirhams
ASUS TUF GTX 1660 SuperEgypt10150 EGP

(RAM) Kingston Fury Beast

The next piece in our compilation today is random memory or RAM. We have chosen the Kingston Fury Beast RAM, which is a memory with a frequency of 3200Mhz, with a capacity of 8GB x2 = 16GB, and it also comes with RGB lighting.

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In the event that you do not like RGB lighting and prefer the platform to be silent and save some money, you can choose the HP or Acer memory that we recommended last time.

KingSton Fury Beast
(RAM) Kingston Fury BeastUS72$
(RAM) Kingston Fury BeastEmirates210 dirhams
(RAM) Kingston Fury BeastEgypt2200 EGP

Storage: 1TB Kingston NV1

The next piece in our collection is the storage unit, and this time we’re going to push the bar a little higher. This time we are talking about an M.2 storage unit, but with the NVMe PCIe 3.0 third generation standard.

This time, we chose the Kingston NV1 storage unit, which is a very good unit in terms of performance and price, as it scored 2460 for reading and 1300 for writing. Of course, this is not the maximum interface speed, but it is excellent for this unit.

Storage: 1TB Kingston NV1

The unit will provide you with a high speed for installing the operating system and games, and the large space of 2GB is excellent for carrying a lot of data (our unit is 500GB). The temperature is also excellent at 52 degrees, and this is without the presence of a heat sink for the unit, whether with it itself, or from even the motherboard. And speaking of the motherboard, let us introduce you to the one we chose.

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1TB Kingston NV1US49.5$
1TB Kingston NV1Emirates145 dirhams
1TB Kingston NV1Egypt1500 EGP

Motherboard ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4

Asus Prime motherboards are usually a good price for excellent quality, but lack the flashy features, mainly because they are budget motherboards.

The motherboard comes with the modern LGA1700 socket, which means that it supports the 12th and 13th generations of Intel processors. It also comes with two sockets of DDR4 memory at speeds up to 3200Mhz with XMP profiles.

In addition to that, the distinctive M.2 port, which comes with a design that provides easy disassembly and installation thanks to the installation key or clip, which provides quick disassembly and installation of the unit without the need for screws to install it or the like.

Motherboard ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4

Perhaps the only thing we did not like about the board is its lack of USB ports as other boards provide. It comes with only 6 ports, four of them are USB 2.0 and only two are USB 3.2 Gen1.

  • There is no DP support nor USB-C either, but the board nonetheless comes with an HDMI and VGA port. However, you will not actually need them thanks to the exit card that we have for sure.
  • As for the rest of the features such as audio and Internet solution, the board comes with Realtek 7.1 Surround Sound and Realtek 1Gb network solution, which are good solutions although not the best.
Motherboard ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4US111$
Motherboard ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4Emirates410 dirhams
Motherboard ASUS PRIME H610M-K D4Egypt3450 EGP

Case and Power Supply Combo Antec NX291

Here we will talk about the shape that has nothing to do with performance. You can choose the shape of the Case as you like to see it.

Usually, the process of choosing the bag and the power takes place separately, but when you are looking for an affordable mixture, the best is always the combo option. So we chose an Antec combo to save some money, which comes in the name of the Antec NX291 Kodi, which is a combo combo that comes in around $75.

The combo comes with a beautiful mesh design, with four fans, three of which are RGB front and one non-RGB rear. It also comes in a generous size and a set of dust filters all around, along with the glass side facade that adds more beauty.

Combo Antec NX291

The case comes with a power supply from Antec under the name Atom and provides 550 watts of power, meaning that it will save what you will need without any problem, as the platform will not consume more than that (the card needs only 350 watts as recommended by NVIDIA).

Combo Antec NX291US71$
Combo Antec NX291Emirates260 dirhams
Combo Antec NX291Egypt2200 EGP

Computer Gaming Performance

In the following lines, after experiments on programs and games, I learned about the heat of the device

the games

To provide a realistic outcome that can reflect the actual situation you will encounter with this platform, we have compiled a wide range of gaming outcomes. Some of these games are AAA, such as Hogward Legacy, as well as electronic sports games, and other custom games. This is to provide you with a clear view of what the card can provide even with upcoming games.

As you can see in the results, this platform provides you with what you wish for, which is a frame rate above 60 FPS with the highest settings. And you will only have to reduce the settings a little with some titles that are graphically wild.

With a game like hogwarts legacy, the compilation provided a result of 73 frames with the recommended settings of the game, which range between Medium and High, meaning that you can reach more than 60 frames with the highest settings if you activate it manually.

The same was true for other AAA games like GOW and Cyberpunk And Crossfire And PubG Mobile.

For electronic sports games, such as Valorant, PUBG, and Fortnite, the platform achieved the expected result above 144 frames easily with settings adjusted to provide higher frames…but even with the highest settings, the platform achieved more than 100 frames…

Video editing and montage software

As for rendering, montage and video editing, although you will get reasonable performance, it will not be as excellent as the performance with games. The main reason, of course, is the low number of processor cores, especially with programs that take advantage of the multiplicity of cores.

As for editing and editing programs that mainly use the graphics card, such as Adobe Premiere, for example, the results will be different, which is what we reviewed in the video review of the previous compilation, which was made on this platform and card.


As we indicated at the beginning, for this review we worked with the original processor cooler from Intel, and it achieved a result of 67 degrees in the toughest working conditions. Which is a very good result considering that we are talking about a standard budget-saving dispersion.

As for the graphics card itself, the temperature did not exceed 71 degrees throughout the testing processes, and you can notice this through the video of the episode on our YouTube channel as well. This temperature is very good and will not in any way affect the life of the graphics card.