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Keep this in mind when using a VPN on public WiFi networks


One of the main reasons to use a VPN is to connect to public Wi-Fi networks or when traveling in another country. On the one hand there is security, but on the other also being able to avoid possible blockages. Now, what should we take into account when choosing a VPN when we enter a Wi-Fi in a shopping center or an airport? In this article we are going to talk about it and give some advice.

What to consider when using VPN on a public network

Using a VPN on public networks such as a library or shopping center is key to not having security problems. What it does is encrypt the connection and prevent everything we do from being exposed to anyone. But for this to be the case, so that the connection also works well, you need to take into account some factors. The goal is to have safety, but also good performance.

Guaranteed VPN

The first thing is to choose a VPN that is guaranteed. It is useless to connect to a public Wi-Fi with an insecure program, since it would not be encrypting the connection and it could even be the entry route for malware or attackers who can steal your data. Therefore, always take a good look at which program to install.

Our advice is to avoid free VPNs as much as possible. Install paid applications, since they will be more guaranteed and will work better. Some options like ExpressVPN or NordVPN are very good.

good speed

Of course, you are interested in having a good speed. Especially if you are going to watch series or movies in Streaming, download files or even play games, it is important to have a good connection speed. This is linked to the previous section, so a guaranteed VPN should also have good speed.

Of course, keep in mind that whenever you browse through a VPN the connection will decrease somewhat. Ideally, this drop should be as small as possible and that it does not pose a real problem in your day to day. You can always manage Wi-Fi networks.

Many servers available

Another factor to consider when using a VPN to connect to public Wi-Fi is that it has a lot of servers. On the one hand this will give you a range of options to choose the one that works best. The goal is to connect to one that is stable, has good speed, and allows you to navigate safely.

But it will also be essential especially if you are going to sail from abroad. This will allow you to connect to a server in Spain, since you may want to use an application that is not available outside or view streaming content that may be restricted.

Compatibility with your devices

Keep in mind that not all VPNs work on all devices. That is, some are only available for computers and others for mobile. Also, there are different operating systems and you may have compatibility issues connecting and being able to securely access a public Wi-Fi network.

Therefore, take a good look at the compatibility with the devices you need to connect. This will save you trouble. You can always try it out before you go somewhere you’re going to connect. Avoid VPN connection failures that may affect you.

You need to keep security always

Using VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi is good for maintaining privacy and avoiding security issues. Now, it is important that you know that you can still have problems. They could attack you in different ways, such as Phishing attacks, malware, etc.

What you should do is always stay secure, regardless of whether or not you use VPN on public Wi-Fi networks. A good antivirus is essential, as well as always having everything updated so as not to have problems.

Ultimately, using a VPN to connect to public Wi-Fi is highly recommended. Take into account the advice we have given so that you do not have problems and you can make the most of the connection.