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Car insurance companies in the United States


Car insurance companies in the United States

Car insurance companies in United States there are many car insurance companies within the United States, but some of the largest and most well-known ones are what we will be talking about in today’s article.

Car insurance companies in the United States
State Farm.
Liberty Mutual.
The Hartford.

Car insurance rates in United States
Car insurance in United States rates vary depending on the insurance company, vehicle type, and your driving history. It is important to compare rates from several companies before choosing an insurance company. Here are some tips for choosing a car insurance company:
Get offers from several companies.

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Compare prices based on coverage and subscription fees.
Make sure the insurance company has a good reputation.
Read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before signing it.
You can also use auto insurance comparison sites to compare rates from several companies at once.

The difference between compulsory car insurance and complementary insurance
Compulsory insurance is compulsory according to the law, and the owner or owner of the car pays its value at the Traffic Department to which the car belongs.
However, complementary insurance is an insurance that the customer chooses voluntarily, and he also chooses the coverages that he gets.
He also chooses the financial package or insurance price that is suitable for his financial budget.
Therefore, compulsory insurance is not as high a price as comprehensive insurance, but it is very little compared to it.
As complementary insurance is in the interest of the customer, as he compensates his cars if any damages occur to them or compensates others if the insured causes them any damage or damage to their property.
Compulsory insurance is affiliated with the Traffic Department, while comprehensive insurance is different according to each company and according to the insurance coverage provided by the company itself.

What is comprehensive insurance?
Comprehensive insurance is a type of Car insurance in the United States in which car accidents are covered comprehensively without specifying the type of policy.
Comprehensive or supplementary car insurance covers the insured against all bodily and material damages to him or others.

What are the insurance coverages covered by comprehensive car insurance?
This type of Car insurance in the United States covers damages to the insured’s car due to an accident, as well as coverage of material damages that the insured may cause to the property of others, the most important of which are the following:
Overturning or collision due to accident, sudden mechanical failure, or death due to use.
The intentional act of others, provided that the cause of the accident is not working in the service of the insured, or the car is in his possession, or the car is under the control of a family member.
External explosion, fire or self-ignition.
Theft, burglary or attempted theft.
The intentional act of others which causes numerous damages to the vehicle.
During the transportation of the car in various forms of transport, whether by land, sea, inland, waterways, or even by rail, or by lifting and lowering a car using machines and crane elevators.
This type of coverage is material civil liability for the property of others not exceeding $3,000.
The comprehensive insurance policy also covers personal accidents for the vehicle’s occupants.