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Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and how to overcome its disadvantages


The WordPress system occupies the first place among the systems for creating and operating websites in the world, as the latest statistics estimated that its use rate reached 38.8% of the total sites on the Internet, while its closest competitor (Joomla) reached only 2.2%.

WordPress’s leadership as the best tool for creating and operating websites is due to a number of advantages, which we will get to know together in this article, as well as its shortcomings and how to avoid them.

Why is WordPress the most popular platform in the world?

The most important features of WordPress revolve around its ease of use among beginners and its multiplicity of tools, and unlike other website building systems, WordPress does not require advanced programming skills to use it, as it allows all people to build their websites without familiarity with code, besides that, it gives the opportunity to those who develop their programming skills to develop websites and further improve their designs and functionality.

Is WordPress reliable?

WordPress provides features that made it in the forefront; Such as being an open source system that allows everyone to use and modify it, in addition to its ease of use and speed in creating websites without the need to know programming languages, in addition to the presence of a large number of additions that provide new functions for the site, and a huge number of distinctive templates that include all designs.

Therefore, it is an integrated tool for creating all kinds of websites, from a small blog, to the largest sites and online stores, and it is worth noting that major sites such as (Sony), (NBC) and (BBC) rely entirely on WordPress for their operation.

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The most important features of WordPress

Well, WordPress did not achieve that popularity in a vacuum. It certainly has unique features that distinguish it from other operating systems, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Ease of use : You can simply install the WordPress system for free on your site’s hosting, and start designing and implementing the site completely on your own without the need for programming experience .
  2. An open source system : The open source system simply means that there are codes already written and ready to use, represented in the templates and functions of the site such as background color, pages, menus, control panel, and other elements, and because there are many developers who use the WordPress system, you will find on the Internet all the codes you need To modify the functionality of your site in case you want to add an extra programming touch to it.
  3. The speed of creating the site : WordPress is characterized by its speed in creating websites, whether you want to create a personal website, blog, or even an online store. Thanks to this, the system code is ready, and it depends on the development and modification of the WordPress control panel directly.
  4. Developing functions using plugins : One of the most important features of WordPress is that you will find hundreds of paid and free plugins that meet all your needs at once, and you will be able to activate or disable them at the time you want; This gives you more control over your site.
  5. Many appearance templates are available : WordPress templates, or as they are called in English (Themes), are the external design of the appearance of your site, and it includes the site’s features such as colors, button and page shapes, font type, heading format, and many other features.
  6. Achieving a high ranking in search engines : The WordPress system includes many additions that allow websites to obtain a high ranking in search engines such as Google, as it provides the ability to add keywords, write a short description of topics and other means of setting up search engines or what is known as (SEO), all of which can be applied after possessing the skills Basic of the matter, and you will find a lot of utilities for that.
  7. Multifunctional system : One of the advantages of WordPress resulting from being a multifunctional system is that it provides the creation of almost all types of websites, including blogs, forums, personal websites, service delivery sites, online stores and more.
  8. Low cost system : You can do all this on your own at very low costs, depending only on the price of the domain and hosting, and if you want to get a distinctive appearance and advanced additions, you will find everything you want for free or without spending a lot of money.
  9. Mobile compatible : Most of the appearance templates in WordPress contain the feature of mobile compatibility, so you will not find big differences between the appearance of the site on the desktop or on the phone, say goodbye to searching for the best web developers and spending huge amounts of money to make your site integrated on all screens, with only a few clicks, get all Features possible through the use of WordPress.

The most prominent WordPress defects

  • Weak WordPress security standards : Yes, what you are reading now is correct. The first point of WordPress advantages is the first point of its defects. You can say that it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. The dilemma is that the WordPress system is always a target for hackers as a result of it being open source. Normally, the hacker exploits a vulnerability. What’s in the code, because WordPress code is written by someone else and then widely used, hackers can find vulnerabilities to try to hack into websites.
  • Modification limitation : One of the disadvantages of WordPress is the difficulty of implementing the exact vision you want through it, as the appearance templates allow you limited modification capabilities, and the control panel provides you with certain options that are difficult to change or modify on a large scale.
  • Frequent updates : Do not forget that the WordPress system requires a lot of plugins that have been implemented by developers who are constantly striving to develop and make them better, which means that you will encounter a large number of required updates every once in a while, including updating the WordPress system itself.
  • Relatively slow site : Since the WordPress system includes many interrelated components such as the theme and plugins, so your site can become a bit slow, which may lead users to avoid the site if it takes a long time to load.
  • The sudden collapse of the site : Don’t be surprised by what I’m going to tell you now, but I’ve had my website crash a couple of times, and to find out why I had to spend a lot of time researching all possible possibilities.

We talked about WordPress in general and the most important advantages and disadvantages. You can also read this article, the difference between blogger and WordPress.

It is clear that the advantages of WordPress outweigh its disadvantages as long as there are solutions, which shows that it is the best system for creating websites more quickly and at lower costs, without the need for advanced programming skills.

And as someone who has dealt with various website building and operating systems, if I had to rebuild my site again, without a doubt, I would choose WordPress every time!